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  • Invitation

    Place: near football stadium, Kłodzka street, Jedlina-Zdrój, Poland
    Date: 27th June, 2015 [Saturday]
    Start of 1st round: 10:00 AM
    Registration: deadline: till 21st June, 2015
    via web: petanque.pl
    Inscription on place: deadline: till 09:30 AM
    10 € per player
    Fee includes meal
    System of tournament: Triplette
    5 rounds of Swiss system
    A, B, C playoff system till final
    Organising team: Klub Sportowy Petanque JEDLINA-ZDRÓJ
    Prizes: Prize money: 8110 PLN
    Official invitation: Download
  • Map

    GPS: 50.722075, 16.339692


    • T = Centrope Cup