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2012 Update

  1. Website
    Administrator is Marek Sobolic.

  3. Trophy
  4. The challenge will hand over on the first tournament in the next year.
    Czech federation will organize the new trophy.
    The country, which wins 3 times ( 3 years in a row ), gets the trophy.
    Each country should create a trophy for 1st - 3rd place.

  5. Competition
  6. We decide to play 5 rounds Swiss System with Buchholz.
    Minimum 50 minutes plus 1 draw.
    Its not possible to play with 4 players - Exception: national teams ( 1 team from each category ).
    We prefer that the player have a licence. Its not possible to buy a day licence.
    A two day tournament is possible. It will be good to organize a second tournament on the second day.

    The organizer had to write in the invitation and on the bill board:

    1. The system
    2. 5 rounds Swiss System with Buchholz
      Less than 32 teams - 4 rounds Swiss System with Buchholz

    3. The time limit
    4. min. 50 min + 1 draw - after additional draw thescore is even - one more draw with two balls each player

    5. How much teams grow up in the next round
    6. under 63 teams - 16 teams
      63 - 95 teams - 32 teams
      96 teams and more - 32 teams or more like decision of the organizer

    7. The time limit or not for the ko-round
    8. like decision of the organizer

  7. Rules
  8. Only for games with Time - Limit:

    1. Cochonette/Jack
    2. The team had only one draw to drop the cochonette. After this wrong draw the other team can put the cochonette on the game ground where they want ( in advance to the rules).

    3. End of the draw
    4. The next draw in the game start automatically when the last ball of each team leave the hand.

Date: 08-12-12